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Jul 10

The Night I Became His



I knew what being owned by him meant. I knew that I became his possession, his toy, his muse, his anything he needed or wanted in the moment, yet there was a part of me that wanted that. I wanted to belong to him and only him. I wanted to be his world, and he mine and knew that once I was in his arms that would seal our fate, forever. I swallowed hard when we got to the hotel, not exactly sure what to expect but looking forward to every moment of anything he had in store for me. Nothing and no one had ever made me feel like he did and the whole world could disappear when I was with him and I was good with that.


This night I could feel that I was going to have him, and the anticipation of the moment was almost killing me. The resort was out of this world, the white twinkle lights, the palm trees blowing in the late night, balmy, salt scented breeze as our hands held each other’s tightly on the walk back to the room. I couldn’t think of a more perfect place, time or night to finally have him, or should I say, for him to have me? We got back to the room and he poured me a glass of wine, we stood on the balcony sipping our wine together when all the sudden he locked eyes with me, the intense yearning and nervousness built up inside of me as he grabbed the glass from my hands, still half full and set it on the small table next to us.


Walking back over to me his hand ran down the side of my face, his touch sent tingles down my spine and felt as though it had released a flock of butterflies in my stomach. I wanted him so badly it almost hurt and when he leaned and placed his lips against mine I knew I was in love. His tongue slipped between my lips and it was like the world around us started to spin, I was now bound by his spell. “Take your clothes off for me”. He said firmly stepping away and sitting down a few feet away, as if ready for a personal show. I unbuttoned my blouse sliding it off and letting drop to the floor, the breeze from the open French doors to the balcony blowing my long dark hair slightly away from my face, the moonlight pouring into the room creating the most perfect glistening light on our eyes and skin. I wanted him to see me, I wanted to be totally raw, naked and vulnerable at his hands and finally as I peeled my panties down my hips and thighs I was.


“Good girl”. He said walking over and grabbing my hands, tying them behind my back with a long, black silk, ribbon. He ran a a couple fingers up my abdomen starting just above my lower pelvis area and slowly heading up towards my breasts and neck, but not touching any of the areas that were now aching for him. The teasing was almost maddening, I bit my lower lip as he touched my shoulders, nudging me to kneel for him, in front of him. “Open up like my good little girl”. He ordered. I titled my head back and parted my red lips, eager to become his. To feel him in my mouth. Just then I felt the soft skin of his rock-hard cock brush over my lips. “Look up at me while you take me into your mouth”. He ordered now becoming breathless with excitement. I stared up at his request, his cock now fully hidden in my mouth and throat.


I sucked and licked, tracing the edge of the head of his cock with the tip of my tongue. I continued licking slowly up and down his large cock, wrapping my lips around it, using my hand to work the shaft simultaneously as my mouth went back and forth, up and down. His moaning began to get louder and my muffled moans joined in. He felt so good in my mouth, I felt so good on my knees in front of him. I reached down and massaged his balls as my mouth continued massaging his cock when all the sudden he grabbed me, pulling me up and kissing me deeply. He flipped me over the bed and told me that since I was such a good girl, he was going to give me a special reward, his cock inside of me. I gasped in pleasure as my face hit the bed and his cock entered me from behind. I cried out as thump after thump his body smacked into mine, pushing deeply into me.


“You feel so amazing”. He said leaning down and kissing my upper back, my hair pushed to the side over my right shoulder. “I’m about to make you mine”. He whispered as he quickly untied my hands and flipped me over onto my back, sliding in between my legs before I could even take full breath. He wanted me, and I could feel how much as he plunged deep inside of me. He held my arms above my head pinning my wrists to the bed as his thrusting continued making me cum so hard my whole body trembled, and my eyes rolled back in my head when all at once I heard him say “are you ready for me to make you mine”? “Yes”. I replied breathlessly. “Yes. Please”? I said with a shaky voice and just then I felt his cock swell inside of me, then hot bursts of cum began to fill me up, I never felt anything so good in my life. “Yes, I screamed”, as he pumped every drop he had deep into my pussy, clenching around him in orgasm yet again from the feel of it all. Finally, I knew what it felt like to “be his” and I was never going back.