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princess cumslut
Mar 13

On the edge


Princess cumslut could feel the beads of sweat dripping down her forehead. She was silently counting to 20; willing her body to calm down. Her wrists were bound tightly together with her arms drawn above her head. Her legs were spread and bound to the chair. Being blindfolded and completely naked; she couldn’t see her husband; but could hear his voice every time he gave the sisters a command; she couldn’t hold out much longer. She knew what the cadence of his voice promised; she had heard it thousands of times. The rough edge she would do anything to hear. He had been the star of every sexual fantasy since she was 17 years old—and there is nothing she wouldn’t do for him.


The sisters brought her to the play room when the sun came up; she had been sharing a bed with princess M; per Sir’s orders. Her husband, who she called master during their playtime; had spent the night away from her at the private SSC Academy training facility. Princess and her husband had been training online for several months; and had traveled to SCCA to further explore their connection.


Over the last 6 hours, the SSC sisters had worked in tandem; edging her to the point of desperation. Master gave the commands and watched with heat in his eyes; but looking for any signs of distress. They were using her favorite toy, a clitoral vibrator that would normally cause her to cum within minutes. But just as she could feel the tingling begin between her legs and her body began to shake; master would instruct the sisters to stop. They worked on her body, touching and licking until she was physically unable to take much more. When she heard him speak next, she knew the exquisite relief was close.


“That’s enough,” he husks “Princesses, thank you for your service. I would like to be alone with her.”

As they quietly left the room, her breathing picks up and she senses him approaching the chair. He reaches for her nipples and pinches them; a sweet sting of pain following. A deep, muffled moan emerges from her throat as he begins to run his hands down her body until he reaches her pussy. Soaking wet, he circles her clit.


“Are you ready for me princess?” he whispers.


“Yes, master,” she replies, submitting to his will with two simple words.


As he rubs her clit with one hand, her inserts two fingers into her; caressing inside as she releases another moan. Her body is starting to shake and is misted with a light sheen of sweat. It is clear what is happening: her body is craving release.

"You have one job while you are in this room princess, you will cum, and you will be begging for it, but not before I tell you to. NOT BEFORE. Do you understand?” he asks.


“Yes, master,” she replies.


His hands return to her breasts, along with his talented mouth. He slowly begins to twist, pinch and bite. “These tits are mine, aren’t they princess?” master asks.


Her nipples are burning, and she can’t help the moan that breaks through at that moment. Feeling the sharp slap of his hand against her breast, she realizes she has failed to answer.


“Princess, you will answer my question!”


“Yes, master, I’m sorry. These tits belong to you.”


“Good girl.”


His hands return to her nipples as he takes her mouth for a sensual kiss. Her whole body is thrumming and so close to orgasm; he can feel her tension and pulls away. A breath of frustration leaves her; but she is careful not to convey her feelings. She wants to please him so she can be rewarded.


Just as she begins to level out; she feels cold metal slide against her breasts and down over her nipples. “You know what’s next,” he announces. And she does know; nipple clamps are a toy they often use.


The clamps are attached with a delicate chain; but the feeling is exquisite torture when he begins to pull; making her arch and groan with need. All the while she tries to hold off her pleasure until he says she can cum. The level of her arousal is nearly unbearable; as he continues to stimulate her nipples. Without removing the clamps, he traces his fingers down her stomach to reach her clit again. As he begins to rub slow circles, he speaks.


“You’re my good girl,” he praises. “My beautiful princess, my gorgeous wife. I want to reward you with my cum before you explode. I am going to take your blindfold off and release you. Once you are comfortable, I want you to get on your knees in front of me. The clamps will stay on.”


“Yes master,” she replies.


He first removes the blindfold; and as her eyes adjust to the dim lights of the room, he works slowly and gently to remove the restraints from her wrists and ankles; all the while massaging gentle circles in her skin. Her mouth waters as she takes him in; shirtless with pants hanging low on his hips.


“How do you feel princess? Are you ready to get on your knees?”


“I’m ready master.”


He helps her down from the chair and rest his hands on her shoulders as she lowers herself down on a soft rug in front of him. He sheds his pants, and she is internally delighted to finally see him naked in front of her, after hours of fantasizing.


“Now I want you to suck me; like you always do so good. And I want you to swallow. If you do what I ask I will let you come.”


She nods her head vigorously and he releases a low chuckle. He knows how much his wife loves to give him head. As she touches his slit with the tip of her tongue and takes his length in her mouth, she smiles around his girth as she hears his breathing increase.


“Don’t think I don’t see that smirk princess,” he says with bite. “But you are doing so good you will not be punished.”


As she continues to work his dick with her mouth, she moves up and down his shaft with one hand and caresses his balls with the other. She can feel his legs begin to clench and she knows what is coming. He grabs her hair to bring his shaft further into her mouth as he comes with a deep groan. She swallows what he gives her and licks him clean.


“Now I will let you cum princess,” he breaths. “Turn around and get down on your hands and knees. I will give you pleasure in your favorite position.”


She quickly obeys; while he lowers himself down behind her and begins caressing her back and slowly working his way to her folds and back up; a sensual and soothing dance that leaves her in a puddle on her hands and knees. As she feels his hands come around towards her breasts and his length rubbing against her folds, her breathing momentarily stops as she hears, “Let’s get rid of these shall we?”


When he releases the nipple clamps, a wave of pleasure and pain rips through her as her first orgasm hits. “You can cum as many times as you want, princess,” say says, dropping the clamps to the floor and grabbing her hips and fills her with one swift thrust from behind. As he pushes into her over and over; hitting her just in the right spot; her second orgasm begins to slowly build. As his thrusts become more urgent, he speaks praising words to his princess. They both climax at nearly the same time and ride the most incredible of highs together. She can feel his orgasm deep inside, giving her nearly as much pleasure as her own. As they come down, her body is still spasming as he picks her up and cradles her to his chest; her head resting on him as she listens to the slowly calming beat of his heart.

I serve Sir
Apr 7

This is amazing!!! Your story definitely gave me goose bumps. Please write more. You are so gifted. <3

This is fantastic! Please please please give us more!