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Sisters in Submission P.E.A.R.L.S. Program

– The submissive Training Course – 

Program Overview:

Welcome to the P.E.A.R.L.S. Program, a unique offering by Sisters in Submission! Your curiosity about BDSM has led you here, and for that, we applaud you. For women aged 18 and above identifying as s-types, this is your invitation to the lifestyle you've been yearning to be a part of. 

Our program is more than just a course — it's your tailored journey into the world of BDSM. Standing firmly on the pillars of Safe, Sane, and Consensual (SSC), we're here to accompany you through every part of your journey. Whether you're learning for the first time, needing a refresh, or seeking to further unearth your femininity and desires, we're right by your side.

P.E.A.R.L.S. doesn’t just want you to observe the word of BDSM. We want you to actively engage, live and breathe it. This is your space to explore the depths of your identity, to understand your yearnings, and to celebrate your unique place as a submissive.

The program unfolds across four stages: 

Each stage is designed with six or seven comprehensive modules, covering an array of topics such as etiquette, physique, charisma, self-care, sensuality, and more, ensuring your holistic personal growth.

So, take a deep breath, and let’s get started! 

Sisters in Submission 

Program Objectives:

BDSM Principles and Dynamics:

Femininity and Personal Growth:

Desires and Communication:


Stage 1:  Introduction & Assessment 

STAGE GOAL: Here is your first step into the world of BDSM. Are you ready? Of course you are. Together we’ll explore your unique personality, potential Dominant and/or submissive tendencies, provide some contextual background, and much more. This stage is not just an introduction — it's an exciting preface to all that’s yet to unfold!

Module 1: Orientation & Assessment

Module Goal: Before we can jump right in, it’s essential to begin by underlining the most important component: you. This module focuses on assessing your natural submissive or Dominant traits and gauging your personality through testing. 

Course Code: SiSOA

Module 2: Introduction to BDSM

Module Goal: To truly engage in meaningful discussions and practice, we must first grasp the foundations. This module's mission? Get you comfortable with the building blocks of BDSM — its principles, dynamics, and, of course, the lingo! By the end you’ll be able to navigate and discuss BDSM concepts effectively.

Course Code: SiSBDSMIntro

Module 3: Introduction to Historical Studies

Module Goal: In this module, we get to rewind the clock. You'll get acquainted with its BDSM origins and the key players who helped turn the space into what it is today. By understanding the past, you'll gain a richer appreciation of the community at present.

Course Code: SiSHSIntro

Module 4: Introduction to Relational Studies

Module Goal: Here, we spotlight the stunning dance of power exchange between Dom and sub. This module underscores the nuances of appropriate interaction and communication within BDSM dynamics. 

Course Code: SiSRSIntro

Module 5: Introduction to Sensual Arts

Module Goal: This module is your gateway to the intriguing world of sensual arts. Here, we'll start to get into all things dirty talk and unravel the secrets of essential foreplay and oral skills. We will also delve into the heart of your mindset to help you better understand and connect with your submissive patterns and desires. As we navigate this module, you'll gain a genuine perspective on your personal sensuality.

Course Code: SiSSASPIntro

Module 6: Assessment and Readiness for Basic Training

Module Goal: It’s check-in time! The goal of this module is to assess how ready you are for the next stage: actual training. We’ll look at your understanding of BDSM, skills, and practices so far. Don't worry – you'll get plenty of feedback and guidance upon completion. 

Course Code: SiSARB

Stage 2: Basic submissive Training 

STAGE GOAL: You made it to Stage 2, well done! It's time to go a step further. You’ll build upon what you've already learned, amplifying your knowledge of power dynamics, communication techniques, physical and sensual arts, and personal growth. Let’s take what you know and put it into practice.

Module 1: Historical Studies 1

Module Goal: In this module, we'll explore BDSM’s contemporary advancements and diverse perspectives. We'll also keep tabs on what's happening right now in the BDSM scene, and see how it all connects to SiS. 

Course Code: SiSHS1

Module 2: Relational Studies 1

Module Goal: The purpose of this module is to enhance your understanding of the D/s framework and your placement within it. Through engaging in practical exercises, we'll explore various aspects of relational studies that are vital for nurturing healthy dynamics.

Course Code: SiSRS1

Module 3: Sensual Arts & Philosophies 1

Module Goal: Here we get to go even deeper into the world of sensual arts and sexual expression. Our focus will be on expanding our understanding and skills in dirty talk, foreplay, seduction, oral techniques, and more!

Course Code: SiSSASP1

Module 4: Physical Arts 1

Module Goal: This module offers something new – an introduction to the concepts of grace, poise, and etiquette. Through actual training, we will help you develop physical and behavioral qualities that align with the desired aesthetics and protocols within the BDSM community.

Course Code: SiSPA1

Module 5: Religious Arts 1

Module Goal: Here you will begin to engage with some favored nuanced pleasures within BDSM practices. Prioritizing consensual and respectful exploration, we will explore important sexual topics such as cock, cunt, ass, and cum worship. 

Course Code: SiSRA1

Module 6: Developmental Studies 1

Module Goal: This module focuses on nurturing personal growth beyond BDSM, helping you identify and pursue your own desires to reach your full potential. Through reflective exercises and goal setting, we aim to provide support and guidance. 

Course Code: SiSDS1

Module 7: Assessment and Readiness for Intermediate Training

Module Goal: It’s time for our second check-in! We'll measure your comprehension and readiness for the next phase: intermediate submission training. Like before, we want to ensure you've gained the necessary knowledge, skills, and mindset to proceed.

Course Code: SiSARI

Stage 3: Intermediate submissive Training 

STAGE GOAL: Here we are at Stage 3! Now, it's all about fine-tuning. We'll work on better understanding D/s dynamics, getting more familiar with sensual arts, perfecting your etiquette and grace, and working on personal growth. 

Module 1: Relational Studies 2

Module Goal: We will further guide you in solidifying effective communication and forging deeper personal connections within BDSM dynamics. 

Course Code: SiSRS2

Module 2: Sensual Arts & Philosophies 2

Module Goal: It's time to take your understanding of sensual arts to greater heights. We'll be exploring more sophisticated expressions and techniques to enrich your sensory and sexual experiences.

Course Code: SiSSASP2

Module 3: Physical Arts 2

Module Goal: As we level up, so does our training in grace, poise, and etiquette. We'll be refining these elements to align with desired aesthetics and protocols within the BDSM community.

Course Code: SiSPA2

Module 4: Religious Arts 2

Module Goal: In this module, we're set to go deeper into the unique practices of BDSM. Together, we'll continue to navigate the intricacies of worship rituals, upholding the importance of consent and respect throughout.

Course Code: SiSRA2

Module 5: Developmental Studies 2

Module Goal: Here is the next stage in elevating and engaging you not only as a submissive, but as a person. This module continues to focus on refining your understanding of personal growth, empowering you to define your aspirations outside of BDSM. 

Course Code: SiSDS2

Module 6: Assessment and Readiness for Advanced Training

Module Goal: It's time for our third check-in! This crucial assessment will determine your readiness to embark on the final stage of the course: advanced submissive training. We will be evaluating your understanding and skills in tandem with your psychological preparedness to engage in more demanding aspects of BDSM.

Course Code: SiSARA

Stage 4: Advanced submissive Training 

STAGE GOAL: This is the final, most crucial stage of your training, where your journey turns into mastery if you're ready to invest in yourself. Your purpose? To fully embrace D/s dynamics, sensual arts, etiquette, and grace, continually nurturing your personal growth. This stage encourages you to exceed your own expectations, mastering and expressing your submissive role. 

Module 1: Relational Studies 3

Module Goal: In this module, we'll focus on honing your communication skills to perfection, enabling you to articulate desires, express limits, and interact flawlessly with your Dominant and others within the BDSM community.

Course Code: SiSRS3

Module 2: Sensual Arts & Philosophies 3

Module Goal: We're upping the ante on all things sensual arts and philosophies. You'll enhance your expressive capabilities and further amplify sensual experiences and connections within BDSM.

Course Code: SiSSASP3

Module 3: Physical Arts 3

Module Goal: This module takes your training in grace, poise, and etiquette to a whole new level, ensuring your physical presence seamlessly embodies the desired aesthetics and practices within BDSM.

Course Code:SiSPA3 

Module 4: Religious Arts 3

Module Goal: This module is all about attaining mastery in the art of cock worship, cunt worship, ass worship, and cum worship through consensual and respectful exploration.

Course Code: SiSRA3

Module 5: Developmental Studies 3

Module Goal: In this module, you will come to understand the significance of long-term investment in yourself and prioritize continuous personal growth. You will hone your skills, nurturing self-care practices, and expand your skill sets beyond the boundaries of BDSM. By proactively doing so, you'll avoid complacency, foster resilience, and maintain purpose.  

Course Code: SiSDS3

Module 6: Final Assessment & Graduation Ceremony

Module Goal: This module marks a significant milestone as we conduct a final assessment of your mastery of the advanced training curriculum. It's an incredible accomplishment, one underlined by your growth, dedication, and proficiency, resulting in a well-deserved certification for those who successfully complete the program. 

Course Code: SISGRAD